Rest dya in Lucca

One minute update


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Gotta love 0 km days, even though whom am I kidding? I’m still going to explore this town.


Late breakfast at a bar in a plaza across the Hospice. I walked the tourist-crowded streets of Lucca in search of a hat or a cap. The buff is great but doesn’t protect me from the sun.


And would you believe it, I found a store with all kinds of hats to choose from.

Lunch was the special of the day, pumpkin risotto, white wine and dessert, 13 euros. Visited the tourist hot spots around the city with my new turigrino hat on, because you know, it’s not all walking.


Lucca is a nice town to come back and spend a few days to enjoy the place. Dinner was pizza and aqua frizzante by the church.