San Miniato to Gambassi Terme, 23.7 km

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Left the Ostello and had breakfast with the gang. I was running low on beer money, so I stopped at an ATM. A quick visit to the church and found an ancient fresco depicting Saint James’s journey to Spain.


The first day of walking on the world-famous green Tuscan hills. Except where is the vegetation? It was windy, and dust reign the barren landscape.


We stopped for a snack and wrote our names in a register under a swaying tree. Rome is in my sight now.

Made it to Gamabssi and thanks to Danielle’s donation I settled in at Ostello Sigerico. First-class pilgrim’s accommodations a couple of kilometers from town.


I was pleasantly surprised to find 19 pilgrims in the courtyard. Real estate on the clothesline was now at a premium. There were so many pilgrims I was even getting photobombed.


The Tuscan hills were on fire and made it to news outlets worldwide. To close the night, it was a communal dinner with 30 other pilgrims, what can I say? Things have changed.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€07.40 Breakfast

€07.00 Lunch

€10.00 Dinner

€17.00 Ostello


€41.40 Total

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