Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano, 13.3 km

One minute update


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Late prepackage breakfast at the Ostello. Heads up, there are turigrinos amongst us. Headed to Bambassi on a very cold and windy morning.


My god, the wind is just unreal with gust that made me hold on to my hat or dear life. I walked by more vineyards and saw a few scallop shells along the way.


Rome to Jerusalem, interesting, could it be? Who knows. I had a proper breakfast at Pancole before reaching my favorite medieval town in Italy by far.

San Gimignano is just breathtaking. What a town. I mean look at it. Thanks to Edward’s donation I got a place with an amazing view of the towers.


Alex and Tita were kind enough to buy me some cold cuts with their kind donation and who am I to disagree. More delicious pasta for dinner and here I am trying to lose weight.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.00 Breakfast

€04.25 Snack

€15.00 Lunch

€60.00 Dinner

€37.00 AirB&B


€119.25 Total