Rest day in Siena

One minute update


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Much deserved rest day in Siena and the last one of the trip. My clothes dried overnight in the backyard.


It was time to explore beautiful Siena but first, breakfast. The streets were buzzing with tourist. You could not escape them if you tried. Around every corner, every piazza there they were, in masses.


I took out some cash from an ATM as I was running low.

It was then a quick trip to the supermarket to buy enough cheese, cold cuts, bread, focaccia and wine for a picnic with Elena at a park. There was enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.


The monastery doesn’t give you a key, so one has to ring the bell every time. We met Dirk and his wife for a drink at Piazza campo and then called it a night.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€05.40 Breakfast

€16.83 Market

€10.00 Ostello


€32.23 Total