Siena to Ponte d'Arbia, 26 km

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Left the Ostello at 7 am and headed out of the city past its beautiful gates. Few cars are allowed to drive on these streets, so tourists need to walk out stumbling over the luggage.


Quick full breakfast at a bar and it was out into the countryside.


Rome is on my sights, let us hope I get there in one piece. A couple of twist and turns and I was at a bar enjoying a snack while watching a bit of Sunday mass.


It felt great seeing other pilgrims and to finally walk with gang once again. Feet are doing great, but I’m starting to feel the weight of the trip.

I crossed the newly built pilgrim’s bridge into the village of Ponte d’Arbia. Where thanks to Bryan Weston’s donation I checked into a fully booked Ostello, with fellow pilgrims from all around the world.


Elena’s been kind enough to help me call ahead a few days in advance. Let’s be clear; I wasn’t the only one who had the full pilgrim’s menu at the bar across the street.


A quick visit to a privately own chapel and it was time to hit the sack.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€06.35 Breakfast

€03.00 Snack

€10.50 Lunch

€18.50 Dinner

€10.00 Ostello


€48.35 Total

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