Ponte d'Arbia to San Quirico, 26 km

One minute update


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Twenty pilgrims and one bathroom pushed me out of the Ostello at dawn and on to the hard tarmac. The Tuscan hills were ahead of me on a 24 km day.


I witnessed one of the most beautiful of sunrises of the trip. Puffy-fiery clouds and low-level fog blanked the countryside. a full breakfast came 4km later at a bar in Buonconvento.


The hills on the way out of town did not forgive me, and neither did the weather. That’s right, it rained, but the views made it up for it.


I stooped first at a market and then at a bakery in Torrenieri. I was at the halfway point for the day. The last 6km were on the road and uphill.

Puerto Rican salsa plaid on the radio in the bar in San Quirico, so I ordered a Mojito but was brought a beer instead, oh well. The slab of microwave pizza was no good either.


Plenty of room at the Ostello and it seems we have a packed house. I saw the craziest of art exhibits at the park before stopping at the market once again to buy enough supplies to cook a homemade dinner for five.


Did I mention we had wine? A little bit too much if you ask me, especially when it was my turn to do the dishes.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€06.10 Breakfast

€03.20 Market

€13.00 Lunch

€02.80 Snack

€10.00 Dinner

€12.50 Ostello


€47.60 Total