San Quirico to Gallina, 16 km

One minute update


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Left town on a 15 percent slope at 8 am in search for the thermal baths. Fifty percent chance of rain for the day and I left my offering to apace the gods. By the way, the sky looked amazing.


Great views of the castle atop Rocca d’Orcia all the way from San Biagio.


I had breakfast at the privately-owned thermal bath.


I followed the stream out of town and onto the public baths. To be honest, the water was cold, but I still dipped my feet one the less.

Crossed the bridge and made my way to the village of Castiglione atop a hill in search for food. One of the steepest ascent of the trip but it was worth the detour to the supermarket. Vineyards are giving way to olive trees.


Thanks to Ifiokabasi’s donation I stayed at an agriturismo B&B in the middle of nowhere. I could see both San Quirico and Radicofani in the horizon. Luckily there was a washer and a dryer.


Dinner was a success.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€06.10 Breakfast

€03.20 Market

€13.00 Lunch

€02.80 Snack

€10.00 Dinner

€12.50 AirB&B


€47.60 Total