Acquapendente to Bolsena, 23 km

One minute update


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I enjoyed the benefits of staying at a hotel every now and then. It’s been blood, sweat, and tears these past few days and today we walk on flat terrain.


Out of the town by 8:30 am and onto the countryside walking by more sheep, a model airplane and a guy on a stairway to heaven. More busy roads with the usual narrow shoulder.


The sky “did not pity this fool” and it started to rain just as I was having a snack at a bar in San Lorenzo.

It was a windy afternoon as I made my way to the county of Bolsena. More gelato because who’s counting calories at this point?


Thanks to Catherin’s donation I stayed with the nuns at Ospitalitá del Pellegrino across the street from the historic Basilica of Santa Cristina. The site of a well-documented miracle that took place in 1263.


The clotheslines at the terrace face the shores of Lake Bolsena. But I had a better view of the sunset from the water’s edge. Headed back to town for dinner at a quirky restaurant.


As luck would have it, the Italian chef spoke Spanish. Met a new pilgrim bicycling to Rome, Oh and the food was excellent by the food.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€13.50 Lunch

€02.50 Snack

€18.00 Dinner

€10.00 Ostello


€44.00 Total