Viterbo to Sutri, 35 km

One minute update


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A quick detour to properly dry my shoes at the laundromat and I had breakfast while I waited. Left Viterbo at 10:00 am, pretty late for a double stage.

Walked on the road up to the town of San Martino and reached to the Church just in time for a snack and an espresso at a local bar. The 10% incline on the road up to the rim was not a pleasant one. And they kept coming and coming all day long.

The mist and the low-level clouds covered the forest trails, and I was getting glimpses of the lake through the chestnuts trees. Finally reached the water’s edge and had Leftover pizza and a beer for lunch sitting in the dark volcanic sand with the best view of Lago di Vico.

What a magical place.

Made to Sutri at 4:41 pm and went straight to the Ostello in search of a place to stay but unfortunately, the nuns weren’t hosting pilgrims today.


I got a stamp at the tourist office and thanks to Gaby’s donation I booked an AirB&B packed with all the amenities of modern life. It even had a washer and a dryer.

Went out to explore the town but was disappointed to find it ghostly empty. I had a great dinner at a local bar in the main square and called it.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.30 Breakfast

€02.50 Snack

€02.40 Lunch

€01.00 Laundry

€05.00 Snack

€12.50 Dinner

€25.00 AirB&B


€50.70 Total