Sutri to Campagnano, 24 km

One minute update


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After walking through Hazelnut tree plantations and lazy sheep, I cane across muddy trails. A second breakfast and a bite to eat for the road at a Gorgeous pilgrim’s café in the lively town of Monterosi.

The path followed the freeway for a few hundred feet through a cloud of mosquitos and all kinds of bugs. But then it was back to the tranquility of the countryside with new pilgrim friends. 


The Monte Gelato Waterfalls were the ideal place to break for an improvised lunch at the river’s edge. I carved my name on a down tree, let me know in the comments below if you ever come across it.

It was more trees and more muddy trails all the way to Campagnano where thanks to Sebastian’s donation, I stayed at Centro Parrocchiale Oratorio.


There was plenty of space and a dorm room all to myself. Nothing like washing your clothes at sunset. It was a quick stop at the supermarket to resupply.


The search online for deals on Hotels in Rome had begun, and here I was at devoured a pizza for dinner.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.30 Snack

€05.75 Market

€04.50 Laundry

€02.50 Snack

€03.50 Dinner

€10.00 Ostello


€30.55 Total