Campagnano to La Storta, 23 km

One minute update


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Left the keys in the mailbox and headed straight to an open bakery for breakfast. Grabbed a couple of fruits from a market and I was out onto the countryside. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to witness a traditional olive harvest.


It was at the “Santuario della Madonna del Sorbo” that I met six other pilgrims. We walked together all the way to Formelo where I had a one hour stop to find a place in Rome while enjoying a little snack.


Only 33 km from Rome, tomorrow is the big day.

There were more highway crossings, muddy terrain and stone markers. I shared a focaccia for lunch with a Prey Mantis by a water mill, before reaching La Storta.


Thanks to David’s donation, I stayed the with nuns in my last monastery of the trip. Oh, and I arrived just in time as the heavens opened up. I shared the dorm with six other pilgrims all excited to make it to Rome tomorrow.


I had some pinchos for dinner and called it my last night on the Via Francigena.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€06.70 Breakfast

€02.20 Snack

€02.00 Snack

€18.80 Dinner

€10.00 Ostello


€39.70 Total