La Storta to Roma, 19 km

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Left the Ostello at 5:45 am. I’m going to miss having croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast every day at bars and gas stations. It didn’t take long for the morning rush hour hit, but I’m thankful for the sidewalks on both sides of the street.


After an hour, a detour took me back into a lost world. With Low-level fog, some of the worst obstructions of the trip but I pressed on and came out the other side into Rome.

A special cappuccino from two friendly baristas and I was making my way up the observatory where I got my first views of the city and the Vatican.


The streets of Rome were a madhouse with large crowds of tourist roaming the capital. I relived my pilgrimage with every stamp I touched and finally after three months, 2,000 km, I reached Saint Peter’s square. I put my scallop shell to work and had a celebratory toast to a job well done.


The Pilgrim’s office is a couple of steps away, and I got my Testimonium in Latin with the Vatican’s seal and all.


It was time for Gelato.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.10 Breakfast

€05.50 Snack

€03.18 Market

€03.50 Laundry

€28.90 Drugstore

€08.00 Snack

€02.50 Snack

€01.90 Snack

€31.75 Dinner

€63.80 Hotel


$151.13 Total

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