Pontarlier to Vuiteboeuf, 28.2 km

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A day I had been dreaming of has finally arrived. I left Pontarlier at 8:30 am and headed for the border.

the trolley felt a lot lighter and is always a plus.

First, an unnecessary climb over the hill through a forest to avoid the busy road. But what views of the Chateau de Joux overlooking the village below!!! I take back the unnecessary part. It was worth every step of the way.

I made it to the last bar in the last village in France and had a beer while I reminisced about the journey thus far. Got me the last French stamp at the tourist office and rushed to the border.

The cows gather to wish me good luck and a heartfelt goodbye.

Ate Crocodile of all the things for lunch at La Grand'Borne, a restaurant by the border on the Swiss side.  Then, it was up over the pass and down a narrow crazy zigzagging road to the village of Vuiteboeuf where I'm staying tonight thanks to Adam’s donation.



Daily Cost Breakdown


€08.50 Breakfast

€09.10 Snack
€26.20 Lunch


Switch from Euros to Swiss Francs


₣36.00 Dinner

₣90.00 Hotel


$169.80 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 31 Pontarlier to Vuiteboeuf.jpg






Hotel de L'ours - +41 24 459 2259 |

Route de Sainte-Croix 7 CH-1445 Vuiteboeuf, Switzerland