Vuiteboeuf to Orbe, 11.8 km

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I did laundry in the morning and had a late breakfast.

Left town at 10:00 am and headed for the woods on the shortest day so far at 11 km. I came by the most amazing of campgrounds.  If only… yeah, no, I’m done with camping.

The road brought the all too familiar faces. It was at Rances that I stopped for a quick snack.

The sky was buzzing, and the clouds were cascading over the mountains. I walked next to vineyards of all things for the last stretch into Orbes; A charming village with character and the scariest of staircases.

Thanks to Rebecca and Michael’s donations I stayed at a hotel with a British vibe smack in the center of town.

Daily Cost Breakdown


₣16.00 Breakfast

07.50 Snack

₣90.00 Hotel


₣113.50 Total

DAY 32 Vuiteboeuf to Orbe.jpg






Hotel Restaurant Au Chasseur

+41 24 441 67 80 |

Rue Sainte-Claire 2, 1350 Orbe, Switzerland