Orbe to Lausanne, 32.3 km

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I rushed out of town at the crack of dawn on a 32 km walk through steep forests and flat agricultural fields.

There are water taps everywhere, or so it seems, and the fresh aroma of coffee in the air.

I asked for directions by an overpass and got stunned by stinging nettle for the second time.

It was a beer and a burger for lunch by railroad tracks because why not? I’ve earned it.

I walked on paved bicycle tracks for the majority of the day, village hopping my way to Lausanne. I got my first stamp in Switzerland at the cathedral.

The hotel was on me since I had a credit at I left my clothes drying by the rack and headed out into town.

I finally redeemed myself with a salad for dinner after the blood bath I had for lunch.

Daily Cost Breakdown

₣00.00 Breakfast

06.00 Snack

₣24.50 Lunch

₣27.90 Dinner

₣04.86 Hotel (free credit)


₣63.26 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 33 Orbe to Lausanne.jpg



Lausanne Backpacker & Guesthouse

+41 2160180000 | Chemin des Epinettes

Hôtel des Voyageurs - +41 (0)21 319 91 11 |

Rue Grand-St-Jean 19 - 1003 Lausanne - Switzerland