Lausanne to Territet, 30.9 km

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I hope Lake Geneva is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope to see a fellow pilgrim and shake his hand, I hope. In the meantime, I dipped my feet into the freezing waters and had some ice cream to celebrate.

Most pilgrims walk, others take the train, and then there are those who ride ferries in style. I graced the shoreline past a curious swam, sunbathing seagulls, playful sparrows and boys being boys.

I saw the greenest of vineyards cascading down the mountain into the lake. aaaahhh this is life.

I bumped into what I thought was a pilgrim but turned out to be a backpacker from Chang-hi. Lunch came in the form of a goat cheese salad in the presence of a wise old tree.

Thanks to Iala and Angela’s donations I stayed at a youth Hostel by the water’s edge. I cannot stress enough how happy I felt when I bumped into two Cubans working the reception. It was a free beer, a dorm all to myself and a warm meal on the house.

Man, I was feeling like a rockstar.

Daily Cost Breakdown


₣00.00 Breakfast

14.00 Snack

₣24.50 Lunch


₣17.00 Dinner

₣41.00 Hotel


₣100.50 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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Hotel Abaca - +41 21 92222270

Avenue de Gilamont 56 |





Auberge de Jeunesse - 021 963 49 34 | Passage de l'Auberge 8 |