Saint Maurice to Martigny, 16.3 km

One minute video update

The mountain gods were angry my friends, and the wind gusts were unreal. Something needed to be done, and it didn’t take a mace to get there.

After crossing dilapidated bridges, past mythical tricksters and a cow or two, I reached the Pissevache falls.  A rainbow and a dip in the cold water later I made peace with gods, and it only cost me a purple toe in sacrifice. I smashed it really bad, let us hope it’s not broken.

I was now allowed to pass, and surprisingly enough the wind died down as I entered Martigny. At 15 hundred ft, the city joins Italy, France, and Switzerland with its network of roads.

Thanks to donation I settled in at a hotel, properly washed my clothes for the first time in weeks and had a late lunch.

The alps are throwing everything at me, wind, rain and now temperatures are projected to drop in the coming days… bring it on.



Daily Cost Breakdown


₣12.00 Breakfast

09.30 Snack

₣08.70 Supermarket

₣65.10 Hotel


₣95.19 Total








Camping de la Pissevache - +41 277641427 | Rte Cantonale |





Midi Guest Room
 - +41 277229652

Rue des Marronniers 4 |


Paroisse protestante - +41 277223352 | Rue d'Oche 3A |

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