Rest day in Martigny

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Late breakfast on a cloudy day. I went for a stroll around town and bumped into a street market. I treated myself to a margarita pizza and a bottle of water.

I also had my last beer in Switzerland, I swear. I took out some Franks from an ATM to last me for the next few days.

I went over tomorrow’s GPS tracks while my shorts dry and holy smokes!!! That’s some serious climbing.

It was time to lighten up the trolley. I separated what was not essential or hadn’t used for the last couple of weeks.


All in all, about five pounds give or take.And because some of you mentioned it, I tried some fine Swiss chocolate from the supermarket, Not bad!May have gone overboard with dinner.

Daily Cost Breakdown

Breakfast Included

07.40 Snack

09.80 Lunch

03.95 Snack

₣43.30 Dinner

₣65.10 Hotel


₣129.55 Total




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