Rest day in Martigny

One minute video update

Late breakfast on a cloudy day. I went for a stroll around town and bumped into a street market. I treated myself to a margarita pizza and a bottle of water.

I also had my last beer in Switzerland, I swear. I took out some Franks from an ATM to last me for the next few days.

Went over tomorrow’s GPS tracks while my shorts dry and holy smokes!!! That’s some serious climbing.

It was time to lighten up the trolley. I separated what was not essential or hadn’t used for the last couple of weeks. All in all, about five pounds give or take.

And because some of you mentioned it, I tried some fine Swiss chocolate from the supermarket, Not bad!

May have gone overboard with dinner.

Daily Cost Breakdown

Breakfast Included

07.40 Snack

09.80 Lunch

03.95 Snack

₣43.30 Dinner

₣65.10 Hotel


₣129.55 Total




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