Martigny to Orsières, 17.9 km

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One hundred percent chance of rain and I threw away my umbrella. Smart!

I was tempted to take the train but no way. Resigned to my fate I left the hotel and headed for the mountains.

Muddy, slippery slopes, rain, and rocks, the trifecta. It was time to embrace the suck.

A quick snack, a little bit of vino, and an espresso later I met Rudolf, A 70-year-old German pilgrim I will grow very fond of over the coming days.

It was the road for the remaining of the day, snakes or no snakes. I had a pizza for lunch at a restaurant with a peculiar selection of meats.

I slowly inched my way down the Napoleon route to town where thanks to Tom Day’s Donation I stayed at a hotel with a dorm all to myself.

I wrapped it all up with a visit to a church with the oldest medieval tower in the area. The bell was pretty cool too.

Daily Cost Breakdown


Breakfast Included

03.40 Snack

15.80 Lunch

₣09.65 Supermarket

₣95.00 Hotel


₣123.85 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.






Gites les 3 Collines - +41 78 744 62 07 | 22 Beds

Rte de la Garde |


Camping de la Prairie - +41 27 785 21 30

Rte du Grand-St-Bernard





Hotel Terminus
 - +41 277832040

Place de la Gare