Bourg-Saint-Pierreto to Gran-San-Bernard, 11.5 km

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The day had finally arrived. The wolf pack set out to climb 1000 meters and conquer the Alps.

The skies cleared revealing a barren landscape and the magnitude of the monster of the climb ahead of us. It was a tough five-hour ascend, but the views were spectacular all around. I saw more pilgrims in one day than in all preview thirty-nine.

After the damn It was a river crossing and the road for the rest of the day as the terrain got too challenging for my trolley. The wind and cold made the last four kilometers grueling, the wolf pack splinter, and I pushed on.

Once at the summit, feeling accomplished and full of optimism I had my victory meal. Thanks to Dad’s donation I stayed at the historic San Bernard’s hospice.

The hospice has continuously served pilgrims and passing travelers alike for the last millennia. It was great to share a meal and stories with fellow pilgrims over dinner. I got a new credential; my old one had only two spots left.

I can see Italy from my dorm; it is but a stone throw away.

Daily Cost Breakdown

Breakfast Included

₣33.80 Lunch

Dinner Included

₣50.00 Hospice


₣83.80 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 40 Bourg Saint Pierre to Gran San Be



"Grand St Bernard"

Hospice - +41 27 787 12 36 | Col du Grand-St-Bernard |