Miami to Canterbury

One minute video update

After nine hours on a tin can I landed in London. My friend Tim was already waiting for me when I stepped out. Tim was very instrumental as he volunteered to not only drive me to Canterbury, saving me from the public transportation, but he also brought me the trolley. I had it shipped to his house from Radical Design in Netherlands.

It was a pleasant drive to Canterbury, chitchatting about el Camino de Santiago. I was getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road.

Once in Canterbury it took us a few minutes to find parking. I took the opportunity to fly the drone and get a few shots of the cathedral not far off. it was time for a quick snack at a traditional English restaurant.

It was quite the walk to the hotel haling the trolley in the box but we made it and I quickly checked in.


The hotel is next to the cathedral. We walked over to the front gate as a graduation was taking place inside. Once I mentioned I was a pilgrim they directed me to a trailer in the courtyard where I purchased my pilgrim passport or credential. This is where my Facebook friend Bill scared my half to death pretending to be concern about me flying a drone. this was the first time that I meet both Tim and Bill in person, so give me a break.


It was a quick tour of the cathedral followed by a private pilgrim's blessing before saying good bye to my new friends and retreating to my room. I tared the box apart and proceeded to put together the trolley by watching instruction videos on Youtube.


realizing I had left a second camera battery back home, I rushed to a camera shop to pick up a new one.


I headed out for a bite to eat and had a burger at a pub.




Daily Cost Breakdown


£39.99 Battery

£02.00 Pilgrim passport

£13.25 Dinner

£50.00 Hotel


£105.24 Total



Cathedral Gate Hotel

36, Burgate, Canterbury, CT1 2HA

+44 1227 464381 |

Single room with shared facilities including continental breakfast


Kipps Independent Hostel

40 Nunnery Fields

+44 (0)1227 786121 |

20 minutes from train station / 10 min from Cathedral and VF