Via Francigena

an epic journey through 5 different European countries. The toughest yet most rewarding adventure of my life.

July 18 to October 10, 2018

2,000 km

85 days


Gear List and travel day from Miami to London


A collection of pictures, videos updates, full vlogs and daily cost break down all under one roof.


Undoubtedly the toughest country of the via with a total lack of pilgrim support compared with El Camino de Santiago.


Do not be discouraged.

REims to langres

Langres to pontalier


Home to lake Geneva and the Alps, dare I say more?


To most pilgrims the journey starts here.

pavia to fidenza

Day 53 Pavia to Santa Cristina

Day 54 Santa Cristina to Orio Litta

Day 55 Orio Litta to Piacenza

Day 56 Piacenza to Fiorenzuola

Day 57 Fiorenzuola to Fidenza